Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Remember that time on LOST when Leslie blew up?

"Trinitrotoluene - TNT Molecule SAFETY THIRD tshirt -- Junior S - XL

I made this style custom, and it came out so well, I'm offering it again.

Formed by the nitration of toluene, we all know the explosive power of TNT when detonated. In fact, it's the standard measure of explosions, like bombs -- a tonne of TNT is used as a unit of energy; kilotons and megatons of TNT have traditionally been used to rate the energy output, and hence destructive power, of nuclear weapons (another fascination of mine in my T-shirts).

So this T-shirt celebrates that molecule, with characteristic SafetyThird irony. I printed the molecule with the benzene ring centered over the boob. On the back, the words SAFETY and THIRD cross with TNT and show evidence of destructive explosions.

This is a very nice skinny T with a jewel neckline.

all about TNT here:

THIS WAS MY MSOE (Mad Scientists of Etsy) CHALLENGE ENTRY for
MAY - Organic Chemistry"

Found at SafetyThird's Etsy shop.


  1. Boom!!! Thanks for finding me. And you would not believe how many people repeatedly as what it is as I repeatedly show them the back of the shirt!

  2. You'd think they could go "3 N = trinitro" and figure it out ;)