Sunday, January 12, 2014

Clean Chemicals

"Looking for the perfect gift for the chemistry teacher, student, or a little scientist-in-the-making? Then these soaps are for you! These soap cube represent various elements from the periodic table, showing their name, abbreviation, and atomic number. You pick the color of the soaps (all soaps will be the same color).

Soap set includes one of each of these elements: Cerium (Ce), Erbium (Er), Iodine (I), Hydrogen (H), Francium (Fr), Einsteinium (Es), Astatine (At), and Tungsten (W).

Images show the soaps in the colors of painter's black, and the last image is in zion. Please, please note that Painter's Black is a colorant that is a proprietary mixture and is made fresh for every soap. Therefore, this colorant should be treated similar to a lake colorant (though it is not a lake itself) in that, by its very nature of creation, each batch will be different and each resulting soap color from this colorant will be, and can be widely, different than another.

Want a scent? Leave a message during checkout as to which scent you would like. List of current fragrances can be found here:

Soap is handmade in small batches and hand-molded into cubes. Dimensions are approximately 1." This listing is for 8 soap items, and counts as one soap in terms of the bonus soap offer. Total weight of the soap is approximately 5.5 ounces (156 g).

Want to rush the order and (if US domestic shipping) upgrade shipping to USPS Priority? See here:

Want to swap out the clear cellophane bag for a themed bag, or split a soap set into multiple party bags? See here:

Bonus: Order any 3 soaps from Sky Rain Soap and you will receive a randomly chosen soap for free! Sometimes it could be a style soap listed in the shop, other times it could be a brand new never before seen soap!

Glycerin is a clear liquid that absorbs water from the air. It is a humectant, drawing moisture to your skin, allowing it to remain hydrated and soft."

Found at SkyRainSoap's Etsy shop.

Nitrogen Cookies

"3D printed periodic table of elements nitrogen cookie cutter.

Looking for a specific periodic element that we don't have yet? We only charge $10.00 to add your element to our collection!

2.5 x 2.69 inches

-Use chilled (not frozen) dough.
-Use flour or nonstick spray to reduce sticking with highly detailed cutters.
-If your dough is too moist it will stick to the cutter-- add some flour to your dough.
-Still sticking? Pop your dough in the freezer for a couple minutes. If it is too warm, it will stick.

FAQ: "What kind of dough should I use?"
FOR ALL COOKIE NOOBS. Dough spreads when it bakes. Unless you use a recipe for cookies that won't spread (google it, there are some great ones) your cookies will look like blob versions of whatever cutter you use.

We do not accept returns, but if your order is incorrect please contact us immediately and we will see what we can do. And we cannot guarantee that the cutter will come in the picture that is shown, it will probably be in whatever color is loaded at the time.

Wash with soap and water. Do NOT heat the cutter, it's ABS plastic."

Found at BoeTech's Etsy shop.

QR Love Pin

"This is for ONE QR code Geek Love red button pin badge.

Are you a geek? Do you love a geek/nerd/technoid/gadget obsessed human? This is the button for them. If you scan this button with a code reader it says Love and they'll love you for it.

The buttons are made by me, the Badger, and are printed with pigment inks so they won't fade. (Well, not until you can't see anymore anyway). They are hand pressed on a professional button machine. This button measures 1.25"

To turn this button into a magnet visit the magnet section of my shop here:

The buttons are made when you order them and shipped from Nova Scotia, Canada. They are shipped without tracking, if you need tracking please convo me and I'll set up a custom listing for you.Please see my policies here to read more about shipping."

Found at theartfulbadger's Etsy shop.

Do it! Nerdy style!

"Tell everyone how you like it.... nice and nerdy!! Let your nerd flag fly and be comfy in this soft two tone shirt. This shirt is light weight and great for layering.

Brand Arizona Jean Co.
Size 1x Jr

Use coupon code WOOHOO1 and get 10% off"

Found at FabricOwlCreations' Etsy shop.

You don't have to put up Pluto...

"I created this solar system decal for my 7 yr old son. The look of each planet and the sun are from actual photos rather than drawings. My son is very curious so I wanted a decal that had facts about the planets which he could read and learn about to propel his interest in science further. So I have created name decals with several interesting facts about each planet ... like did you know that Mercury spins so slowly that it takes 59 earth days for it to revolve once but it only takes 88 earth days to orbit around the Sun (which means there are fewer than 2 days in a year on Mercury)?

I couldn't make the planets to scale with each other so I also created a decal that shows what the scale of the planets would look like compared to a 12.75" sun. It's interesting to see just how small the planets are relative to the sun and to the other planets.

Of course you don't have to use the name decals and scale decal if you don't want them. All of the decals including the name/fact ones are repositionable and reusable.

The decals are printed on a FABRIC wall decal material designed for use on smooth or slightly textured walls. The fabric decal material is very durable and is simply peel and stick. You will love it.

It may be hard to see the facts in the picture. If you want to know what they all say then send me a message and I'll send the facts.

Sun - 12.75" Diam
Mercury - 6.2"
Venus - 8.7"
Earth - 8.9"
Mars - 7.7"
Jupiter - 11.6"
Saturn - 25.6"
Uranus - 9.6"
Neptune - 9.2"
Pluto - 4.3"

Look at the comparison pictures of non-repositionable printed vinyl decals vs. reusable fabric decals to SEE why they are so much better. Fabric decal material costs more but still my prices are lower than most on Etsy because I focus on higher volume than a high margin. My prices are a reflection of my efficiency and purchasing power due to volume."

Found at NurseryDecalsnMore's Etsy shop.

Billy Nye the Science Guy

"Science! Now available in doll form. Bill is a cotton fabric doll that is hand and machine sewn. His Lab coat, bow tie, and pants are made of eco-felt and are machine sewn. His clothes, although made separately from Bill's body, were hand sewn to his body once he was dressed. Wow, that sounded less morbid in my head... Anyways, his hair is made of faux fur and can be somewhat styled, cool huh? Bill measures 16 inches from the top of his forehead to his toes. His arm span is 13 inches."

Found at KrityKat's Etsy shop.

Barium Zinc Gallium

" BaZnGa T-Shirt - The chemical formula for either a prank, joke or a total in your face moment!

Thank you for stopping by my tee shop. I have been designing & hand printing all my T-Shirts for about 6 years now. I just love producing wearables that strike up an Instant smile, giggle or maybe a "where did you get that shirt?". I take pride in the quality tees I produce and would not sell anything I would not wear myself. Thank you again for checking out my shop and please feel free to ask any questions you like. Have a great day!
Brand New, Never Worn 100% Preshrunk Tee
Manually Screen Printed With Care By Yours Truly =)"

Found at BigtimeTeez's Etsy shop.

Rocket Man

"Handmade crocheted rocket. Cute and colorful..

* All handmade.
* Crocheted with %100 acrylic yarn and stuffed with fiberfill which is anti-bacterial and keeps the shape of toys by the passing years..
* Soft and safe to play..
* produced in smoke/pet free home.
* crocheted with love and care..
* Artist's own design.."

Found at sabahnur's Etsy shop.

Fabulous Robot!

"Fabulous robot pendant in silver-tone metal with rhinestone accents on legs and body. Black rhinestone eyes. Moving head. 11/2” x 2 3/8”.

Please note: Rhinestone pieces are intact when shipped. Occasionally, shipping may loosen stones. Please secure the stones (I recommend using your preferred glue). I cannot replace items. Please purchase knowing this.

Inventory code: technology/office riv"

Found at artpassionsdesign's Etsy shop.

Astronaut vs. Cosmonaut

"NEW! The cuddly astronaut from Boys & Sons. Soft stuffed.
With blue backing fabric.

Do you like to look at the stars? Do you want fly to the moon? Then, the astronaut is the perfect cuddly man by your side!

Wash me with the hand at 30 ° and let me dry on the air.

Attention! When used as baby toys should be checked by the parents, if the product is suitable for the child's age. The product must be used only under the supervision of an adult and should be examined before use for damage.

Size / Weight /
about 7 inches long and 3,5 inches high

front: 100% Cotton, digital textile printing, prewashed
back: blue 100% cotton, prewashed

Filling: Polyester, extra fluffy

Production: Handmade, sewn"

Found at JungsundSoehne's Etsy shop.

Math Hair

"You can say it all with the right numbers. Get ready to get your math on with these Math Geek Bobby Pins. Each one is made with an original piece of paper from an antique math book. I don't copy the paper so each set is unique and different.

Math Geek bobby pins feature a 3/4 inch round math paper under glass which magnifies it beautifully. The pins featured a scalloped rim with a lovely bronze patina to match the age of the paper.

This listing is for 2 bobby pins. Each set is beautifully packaged on a card that explains what is and finished off in cello packaging to protect the set and make it perfect for gift giving. Though you will not necessarily get any of the ones pictures, I will always pick two fun pins for your set.

Perfect for any mathematician, scientist or uber nerd, Math Geek bobby pins give your hair style a unique flair anyone would love.

Want more than what I have listed? Convo me and I'll set up a custom listing!

The Run-Down:
- 2 Math Geek bobby pins
- 3/4inch circle (20mm)
- Original Antique Math Paper
- Lovely packaging"

Found at PigseyArt's Etsy shop.

Born a Nerd


This is a PATTERN, a step-by-step tool, to make a CUTE baby crochet Bowtie and Suspenders.

It can be used for personal use and as a photography prop.

The pattern comes with all sizes: 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12-18 months.

Basic crochet knowledge is needed: Single crochet, half-double crochet, slip stitch, chain.

Our patterns typically use medium worsted weight yarn, usually Red Heart or Vanna’s Choice.

We use and H hook in this pattern and include a gauge.

The pattern is easy to follow with pictures. We also are always available to answer emailed questions."

Found at DarlingDerriere's Etsy shop.

Hipster Honest Abe

"America's most well loved historical figure printed upon a crisp white mug with funny saying.

That is so four score and seven years ago.
Abraham Lincolns portrait with an attitude statement quote is great for the office mug gift exchange, history teacher, or silly coworker..

You can also get this design on Plastic Travel mugs with lids here:

★ Please Choose Your Inside Mug Color
See other Thumbnail Photo for color reference."

Found at Mugsleys' Etsy shop.

Storybook Wedding

"This wedding bouquet features 18 paper roses made from my vintage dictionary, There are seven 4" roses in the center surrounded by eleven 3" roses.
This paper is a nice clean white and thinner than the more ivory colored book page bouquets I have. It is a nice texture. They are on approx. 8" stems which are taped together, ready to be wrapped with your choice of white, ivory or black satin ribbon, if you would like. This is a nice full bouquet and I can also make matching ones for your attendants."

Found at HBixbyArtworks' Etsy shop.

Monday, January 6, 2014

The Princess Bride

"An easy and creative way for any business guy or gal to store business cards, credit, debit cards or a unique gift card holder. Great for purses, pockets and craft shows.

Durable and sturdy case will hold approximately 10-15 standard size business cards or credit/debit (dependent on thickness), standard size gift cards (3.5 x 2). Snap style closure, Hinge opening. Inside back of case is lined with thin black velvet/felt material (see photos). Back of case is solid shiny.

(see current productions times below)

Image is printed and heat sublimated to stainless plate which is then adhered permanently to the front of the case. No sealers, films or decoupage techniques are used can be spot washed with mild soap and scratch free cloth. Image on case is designed, printed, heat applied by me right in my home studio ~Sherry

Will Fit:

►Aprox 10-15 Business Cards (standard 3.5 x 2 Size)
Standard Credit/Debit, Check Cards
Great for Special Gift Cards or other small items

Metal Case Measures:
3.6 inch x 2.31 inch x .31 inch (Approximate outside measurements)
9.1 cm x 5.9 cm x .8 cm (Approximate outside measurements)
Image area is:
1.65 inch x 3.14 inch (approximate)
4.2 cm x 8 cm (approximate)"

Found at TheCuriousCaseLLC's Etsy shop.

Rubik's Cube Tissue box!

"As seen on The Big Bang Theory!


Over 600 of these have been sold!

This Tissue box cover shaped like the unsolved version of a Rubik's Cube.

These covers are TOP QUALITY, you will not find any better craftsmanship anywhere else!

As seen on the popular The Big Bang Theory TV show!

This tissue box cover is made out of plastic canvas and yarn, in a smoke-free/pet-free home, and measures 5-3/8" by 5-3/8".

This cover slides right over any standard size tissue box (Kleenex, Puffs, BJ's, Wal-Mart, and many others).

Please keep in mind that it may take up to 3 business days before this product ships, depending on availability.

Product designed & created by L2Boutique.

Product will ship via USPS Priority Mail. Please check with me before you buy multiples so I can get you the best price on shipping."

Found at L2Boutique's Etsy shop.

Golden ratio cookies

"Create cookies according to the golden ratio using the golden ratio 3D printed cookie cutter.

The golden ratio is also known as the golden section or golden mean. Well used within the architecture and arts, Dali and Mondriaan have used this principle as a base for their arts. More information can be found at wikipedia (

This cutter is not only suitable for cookie dough, you can use soft cheese or fondant as well.

Price is for a single item.

The cookie cutter has a width of 9 cm (3.5 inch) and a height of 14.5 cm ( 5.7 inch)."

Found at Printmeneer's Etsy shop.

Can I bum a smoke?

"This keychain is a cartoon rendering of a nicotine molecule. Need a smoke? I feel for ya. Maybe this will help... At least molecular chemists will understand when they see your keychain."

Found at InnerCrows' Etsy shop.

DMT molecule necklace

"DMT is the spirit molecule produced in your pineal gland. It is speculated to be released when you're born, when you die, and when you dream. It is found in every single living thing. It has been used by shamans in indigenous cultures to produce visions of the spirit world. There are natural receptors already in your brain set up to receive this molecule. If you are interested in learning more, please research Dr. Rick Strassman's work.

Wire molecule is made out of gold plated copper wire. The chain is gold colored with eight garnet beads as accents. Garnets are a lovely deep red, and one of its many metaphysical values is to illuminate the night and protect the wearer from evil. Your size options are "longer" which is shown in the first picture, and "shorter" which is shown in the second picture. If no indication is made (can you do that with these new menu things?) I will send the longer verson because it would be easier to alter.

The shipping is a tad higher because I will send it out in a lovely little box. If you really don't want a lovely little box and would rather save on shipping, message me first. Just to let you know, I'm pretty keen on lovely little box making. Each one is different and you can use it for lots of stuff."

Found at HoboSapiens' Etsy shop.

Caffeine on the wall!

"Caffiene Molecule Vinyl Wall Decal Graphic

Measures 10 x 12 Shown larger in picture

Matte black interior wall vinyl

Removable, but NOT re-usable/repositionable

Comes ready to apply to your clean, smooth wall

Removable up to three years with no damage to paint, or wall

Complete EZ to apply instructions included

$5.00 Postage and handling to USA

International orders always welcomed"

Found at mojographics' Etsy shop.

I love you more than...a chemical...

"This is a listing for 4 (four) 5x7" letterpress prints (frame not included)
Save $10.00 (AU$) when you purchase all 4!

These Letterpress 'I love you more than chocolate, nicotine, caffeine and alcohol' prints illustrates the molecular structures in dark silver ink onto thick and pillowy cotton card stock for extra punch!

How much do I love you?
More than chocolate, alcohol, nicotine and caffeine!
That's a heck of a lot.

Great for Father's Day, Mother's Day, valentines, anniversary - pretty much any time you want to say I love you and appear brilliant at the same time!

These prints are an Open Edition and have been hand printed on an antique printing press the old fashioned way in Perth, Western Australia.
Printed on 300gsm super thick cotton rag paper
5x7" designed to fit perfectly into 5x7' frames.
As this is a hand made/ hand fed item, there are variations in the colour and ink coverage as well as placement of images in each print.
Each print is stamped on the reverse with our website url.
Shipped in plastic and rigid envelope."

Found at fluidinkletterpress's Etsy shop.

neo victorian d12 dice cufflinks!

"steampunk cufflinks D12 dice geek wedding mens accessory nerd rpg gamers for men beige brown bronze neo victorian die

Check out my facebook fanpage for discounts and best offers:

Ready to ship.

I used steampunk D12 dice from q-workshop and attached them to bronze (in color) cuff links. They are very unique and original, a perfect groomsmen gift."

Found at MageStudio's Etsy shop.

DNA Earrings

"These are a beautiful pair of earrings featuring molecule DNA. Made with a 925 sterling silver ear wires. If you would rather have these on surgical steel earwires just ask.

These earrings will arrive gift boxed and have rubber enders.

Please look at our many other listings we have 100's of styles to choose from."

Found at dezziesdazzles' Etsy shop.

Chemistry Kid Elements

"The perfect mommy necklace for the geeky mom!

These 1" tall and approximately 5/8" wide hand-cut sterling silver rectangles will hand stamped with two personalized atomic, initials, and birthday.

Your necklace comes with a 16" or 18" sterling silver ball chain and arrives in a sweet purple gift box.

~~~> These are MADE TO ORDER once payment is received. Please see my policies section for CURRENT PRODUCTION time and other important ordering details:

WHEN YOU ORDER, please specify the following in the 'Note to Punky Jane' box at checkout:

Element # 1
1) Atomic number (upper left corner) = can be any number or a small heart symbol (number can symbolize birth order)
2) Atomic symbol (large initials) = one, two, or three initials
3) Element name = first or last name, or nickname.
4) Atomic mass (bottom numbers) = birthdate

Element # 2
1) Atomic number (upper left corner) = can be any number or a small heart symbol (number can symbolize birth order)
2) Atomic symbol (large initials) = one, two, or three initials
3) Element name = first or last name, or nickname.
4) Atomic mass (bottom numbers) = birthdate

5) brushed or polished (shown) finish
6) 16" or 18" sterling silver ball chain

If you'd like to customize this design beyond the personalization shown above, please use the blue 'REQUEST A CUSTOM ORDER' link under the product photos. Examples:
- A LONGER CHAIN or DIFFERENT STYLE: I also offer 20" and 24" sterling ball chains, as well as sterling cable chains in any length.

Found at PunkyJane's Etsy shop.

Chemistry Cross Stitch

"Get your geek on with this nerdacious collection of ten original designs inspired by the classic iconography of the Periodic Table!

Unlike anything else you’re going to see this holiday, each chemical element ornament measures 29 stitches square, the perfect size for small ornaments or pinkeeps.

You can choose from four different sets, each with ten designs:

- The ten most common elements (by mass) in the galaxy, including hydrogen, helium, oxygen, carbon, neon, iron, nitrogen, silicon, magnesium, and sulfur.

- The ten most common elements (by mass) in the Earth’s crust, including oxygen, silicon, aluminium, iron, calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, titanium, and hydrogen.

- The ten most common elements (by mass) in the Earth’s oceans, including oxygen, hydrogen, chlorine, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, potassium, bromine, and carbon.

- The ten most common elements (by mass) in the human body, including oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorous, potassium, sulfur, chlorine, and sodium.

Pick the set that you like best – or convo me for a special listing if you would like a combo pack with all eighteen elemental ornaments. (Or should that be ornamental elements?) Whichever way you say it, these ornaments would make a truly unique addition to your tree or a perfect gift for the chic geek who has everything.

(I'll also do a custom collection - of any size - if there's a special element or elements you just can't live without...Please be aware, however, that there are a couple elements - like rutherfordium - whose names won't quite fit! Again, feel free to convo me for info/details.)

The color images above show how each set of ornaments would look using the fabric and floss specified in the design, but you easily could change the colors to suit your taste.

Your charts will be sent in PDF format within 48 hours of your completed payment. (Please to be sure to specify which set you’d like when you place your order, so I can get your charts to you as quickly as possible!)"

Found at neverdyingpoet's Etsy shop.

Sulfur hexafluoride - SF6 pendant

"This Structure for Sulfur Hexafluoride was taken from a vintage 1944 Inorganic Chemistry text. A lovely expanded octet.

Image is sealed and set under clear domed resin in a sturdy silver plated 1 inch pendant. Chain is 17 inch silver plated with lobster clasp.

Image is not a reproduction.

Last picture shows size and placement of pendant and chain.

Comes gift boxed."

Found at LeftBrainRightBrain's Etsy shop.

Erlenmeyer air

"This little beaker is filled with lots of magic! Customize your piece with the gemstone base of your choice. A small air plant, blooming with color, adds life and joy.

Please select a gemstone when placing your order.

Overall Dimensions: 3" Diameter x 4.5" High (Beaker)

Each piece will come with care instructions and information about the gemstones used in your piece.

If this is a gift, please let me know and I will include a beautiful gift wrap and card."

Found at SPIRITelemental's Etsy shop.

te quiero

"Powerful words in any language: I love you. This is my typography print of this simple phrase shown in French, German, Italian, Turkish, Spanish, Malay, Afrikaans and Czech. And the English translation running throughout!

-------- { The details: } ---------
This print...
- is available in 5x7" ($15), 8x10" ($25), and 11x14" ($35). The photos showing the print framed show the 11x14" size.
- is printed on high quality Lustre Kodak Endura Professional Paper.
- is unframed, and the print color may vary some from how it displays on different monitors."

Found at FlourishCafe's Etsy shop.

Adventure Time with Finn and Jake

"Adventure Time Typography Geekery Print I am Such a Huge Nerd for You Print from Adventure Time with Finn and Jake Quote

PRINT READS: I am Such a Huge Nerd for You

SIZE: 8x10 - All prints sold unframed/unmatted - If you don’t see the size you would like listed, please click “Contact Seller” link at bottom of page and let me know the size you’d like and I will send you a link to the listing.

COLOR: Please Type color choice in “Notes to Seller” when ordering.

MUSEUM QUALITY: This is a Fine Art archival reproduction of my original handmade Raw Art Letterpress print. I use heavy 100% cotton rag paper (no gloss) and UltraChrome K3 Pigment Inks - materials are Museum quality and rated to last generations without discoloration. These prints look very much like the handmade originals.




MERCI: Thank you for having a look-see!"

Found at RawArtLetterpress's Etsy shop.