Wednesday, February 29, 2012


"Stormtrooper Family Car Sticker

No more stick figures! With these customizable stickers, your family's loyalty to the Darkside will always be shown.

The default set comes with a regular Stormtrooper helmet, a Stormtrooper helmet with bow, a mini Stormtrooper helmet and a mini Stormtrooper helmet with a bow.

*Stormtrooper Cat and Dog now available!!! See second picture

Any mix of 4 characters is acceptable for the listing price (1 Dad, 1 Mom, 2 daughters or 1 Dad, 1 Mom, 1 Son and 1 Dog, etc)...if your order requires something different than the default (mom, dad, son, daughter) please include your request in the "notes to seller" when ordering, and I will create your order from there.

There is no extra charge for choosing which images you'd like, as long as you choose 4 or less images.

For orders of 5 images or more, an additional charge of $2.50/character will be applied...but a custom listing must be created...if interested, please send a conversation prior to ordering.

I can also provide mock-ups prior to purchases, just ask!

Names can also be added under (or above) images...additional charges apply...but if you're interested, just ask and I'll get you the details!

If no images are requested, then the default set (Dad, Mom, Daughter, Son) will be sent."

Found at KellyCreationDecals' Etsy shop.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Time it Just Right...

"Piranha Plant Keychain by


Amaze your friends and neighbors with this circuit board keychain that lights up when you plug it into a USB port.

The fiberglass circuit board is 1.5” tall by 0.5” wide and 64 mils thick. It features metal pads in decorative shapes and 8 mil traces that are disguised but not concealed beneath a green solder mask. One side of the board displays a metal piranha plant spitting fire (a red LED) up into the air. The other side of the board is a field of traces and techno glory.

The circuit board hangs from a silver-toned chain and latching loop. The latching loop opens such that you’re not restricted to using this as a keychain – You could also clasp it onto your bag or name badge.

This design is available in: keychains, necklaces, earrings, and magnets.

This Keychain is an ideal way to show pride in one's techie skills or those of a loved one. "

Found at Boardaments' Etsy shop.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rainbow Genes

"Double Rainbows all the way are incredible. Enough said.

Awesome gift for the budding scientist, your favorite geneticist or for someone who just simply appreciates the beauty of what makes us each so unique!

These helical earrings are made with glass beads and are wound around silver plated findings.

They measure an extra loooong ~ 6.5cm or 2.6 inches"

Found at Tout Doucement's Etsy shop.

Friday, February 24, 2012


"Sterling Silver Oligodendricite Necklace from the Neurologica Collection
The neuron itself is approx. 3 x 3cm, available on an 18" or 24" silver cable chain.
Each piece is cast in recycled sterling silver and carefully hand finished by the artist, tagged with the maker's mark PS.

Thank you for looking! To learn about special projects and promotions "like" my jewelry on facebook."

Found at PeggySkempJewelry's Etsy shop.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Eat 'Em Up!

"This item is not in stock. All orders are custom made to order. Contact me for waiting list estimates. Thanks

Custom made for an awesome friend and now available for reproduction for you.

The Pac Man ukulele is 12" wide and 28" long. The scale length is 19" with 18 frets.
Made out of maple with an ipa fretboard. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you so much.

Pac Man YouTube video ttp://"

Found at celentanowoodworks' Etsy shop.