Monday, February 27, 2012

Time it Just Right...

"Piranha Plant Keychain by


Amaze your friends and neighbors with this circuit board keychain that lights up when you plug it into a USB port.

The fiberglass circuit board is 1.5” tall by 0.5” wide and 64 mils thick. It features metal pads in decorative shapes and 8 mil traces that are disguised but not concealed beneath a green solder mask. One side of the board displays a metal piranha plant spitting fire (a red LED) up into the air. The other side of the board is a field of traces and techno glory.

The circuit board hangs from a silver-toned chain and latching loop. The latching loop opens such that you’re not restricted to using this as a keychain – You could also clasp it onto your bag or name badge.

This design is available in: keychains, necklaces, earrings, and magnets.

This Keychain is an ideal way to show pride in one's techie skills or those of a loved one. "

Found at Boardaments' Etsy shop.

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