Monday, April 30, 2012


"Whether you're a zombie, a neurologist, or something in between, you're sure to appreciate a little more brain power. Three brain images on a blue background make a yummy set of magnets for giving or keeping (but please don't eat!)....

Large glass marble, approx. 1.5"
Small, strong neodymium magnets; each reliably holds several sheets of paper.
Set of 3.
Includes an unbleached muslin drawstring pouch stamped with the CrowBiz logo - perfect for gift-giving."

Found at CrowBiz's Etsy shop.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


"Wheel thrown and altered stoneware canister and lid. From a series of work I call Industrial Cocoon. Pattern includes hand carving reminiscent of cocoons and wasp nests. Embellised with small screw heads and a bear vertebrae modelled in stoneware.

Satin glazes in white, black and pearly greys.

Measures 4 3/4"/12cm in diameter, 5 1/2"/14cm tall. Capacity 8oz/250ml

All of my ceramic pieces are wheel thrown and/or hand crafted, signed and numbered. I use only commercial food grade glazes so all work is food safe. This piece can be used in a microwave. It should be hand washed."

Found at inaeent's Etsy shop.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Eye Spy

"Our textile collection is new for Spring/Summer 2011!

A modern ink blot design on a pillow, printed with a black water-based ink on durable white linen/cotton fabric. Front panel printed, back panel solid white. Zipper at bottom. Printed + sewn in Portland. This listing is for a pillow WITHOUT an insert - 18" inserts are a standard size and can be found at any fabric store, pottery barn, target, etc. We offer an insert with our pillow for +$20 and shipping. Convo us to request custom listing."

Found at PigeonToeCeramics' Etsy shop.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Non-traditional Locket

"The original Anatomical Heart Locket, by Peggy Skemp, is an intimate sculptural scientific illustration that invites exploration. The necklace features a 1.5"x .75"x .5" anatomically correct human heart which opens to reveal a meticulously detailed interior. It is pleasantly solid in cast and fabricated recycled sterling silver. The silver has been assayed for purity and guaranteed to contain no heavy or base metals. The locket is held shut by the trunk of the aorta, which acts as a snap. It hangs on a 18" wheat chain, the fine striations of which mirror the beautiful musculature of the heart. The chain attaches to the pendant by threading through the superior vena cava and left pulmonary vein, causing the heart to hang slightly anterioinferiorly, as it does within the human body. It is a conversation piece which delights the anatomically-inclined wearer.

Each piece is entirely hand made with care in Chicago, IL by the artist, with occasional, greatly appreciated help from a few other local artisans. The hinge and snap are entirely hand fabricated, and the piece is carefully tested and hand polished before shipment to you. It comes brightly polished (not antique finished as shown in the picture- because that will happen over time.) You will receive the locket with a small yellow polishing cloth so that you can keep it brightly polished for years of wear. There is a small silver tag on the end of the chain with the makers mark PS.
If you would prefer that I antique finish it for you, as shown in the picture just make a note at checkout, otherwise yours will come brightly polished"

Found at PeggySkempJewelry's Etsy shop.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


"The order is for Toms canvas shoes painted to look like a galaxy.
This particular design is to match that of an outerspace Galaxy formation, however we also do customized shoes of any design or any shoe! (click here--
Shoes can be order in kid's, women's, or men's.
The process is as follows: once the order is place (don't forget to include shoe size) we order the Toms, they arrive at the shop within 3-5 business days, where we do the custom painting then ship them out to your address (typically the next business day). The process takes no more than two weeks from order to shipment! We work our hardest here at infinite inspiration and love what we do! If you ever have a question about a design, or a shoe size don't hesitate to ask. We are happy to serve you! click here for the customized shoes--"

Found at InfiniteInspiration's Etsy shop.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


"This atom pendant is made using laser cut black acrylic.
It hangs on an 18 inch black rubber necklace cord with 2 inch extension chain and measures 1.3" (3.5 cm).

This necklace is unisex so it is perfect for women and men!

All of my jewelry comes with a gift box."

Found at Baronyka's Etsy shop.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Adorable Energy

"Caffeine... It's what fuels the world's productivity levels. Why else do you think there is a Starbuck's on every corner? The Caffeine Redundancy Mandate ensures that if there is a failure of one Starbuck's to open, there will be at least 15 more to serve you within 2 square miles of where you work. But, do you know what is in that caffeine? Glorious nitrogen atoms. Sparkling oxygen atoms. Throw in some sassy hydrogen and stoic carbon... shake vigorously and you have yourself the wondrous caffeine molecule. Delicious. Enjoy.

All of our Fuzzies are hand embroidered and will vary slightly from item to item. Each one is truly unique."

Found at FeltFuzzies' Etsy shop.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Products from Kamino

"This IS the umbrella you've been looking for.

Beyond the Outer Rim, spins a stormy planet. Long, long ago, climate change led to all the continents being submerged - forcing the inhabitants to build cities on stilts. The planet is, of course, known (by the few who know) as Kamino. Apart from always being rainy, it's a place famous for two exports: clones and Star Wars Lightsaber Umbrellas. While we can't sell you any clones (against Republic Law), we sure can sell you the 'brellas!
These Star Wars Lightsaber Umbrellas are just freaking awesome. The hilts have been scaled down a bit, so they are very comfortable to hold. And while the shafts don't light up, they are anodized (and a little sparkly) in the proper blade color. The canopy part even has the saber owner's affiliation insignia (Jedi or Imperial) silk-screened on it. These Star Wars Lightsaber Umbrellas are ready to turn heads while keeping yours dry! If you don't use one of these Star Wars Lightsaber Umbrellas, you will get wet when it rains. And then Vader will sadly bellow, "Nooooooooo!""

Found at ThinkGeek.

House, M.D.

"Vicodin Pendant Necklace

By Cast of Vices Pills, dolls, uppers, downers—whatever you want to call them, we’re a pharmaceutical-loving society. This hyper realistic sterling silver Vicodin necklace is an addictive, tongue-in-chic commentary on our pill-popping ways."

Found at  ahalife.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Clickity Clack

"Black computer keyboard key
Silver adjustable band
the end? False warning :)"

Found at NerdyApples' Etsy shop.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sing it!

"Ooooh! Now you'll be hot like Buddy Holly! These hip cross-stitched black-rimmed specs with silver accent will bring out anyone's inner geek.

Inspired by 8-bit pixel art from various old school video games, these new Cross-Stitch Pendant Necklaces have been handmade with awesomeness! Debuting at Maker Faire 2011, this collection will only be sold in exclusive establishments: the Museum of Craft & Folk Art in San Francisco and here on Etsy.

Each Cross-Stitch Pendant Necklace is made by hand-stitching an original design with high-quality embroidery floss onto a miniature 28-gauge cotton Aida canvas. It is then free-mounted (without adhesive or plastic/resin covering) onto a silver-tone European pendant and hung from a matching 18” chain, finished with a sweet lobster clasp.

Pendant measures approximately 2" long and a little over than 1" wide.

Chain can be lengthened by simply sending a "NOTE TO SELLER" at Checkout."

Found at NerdJerk's Etsy shop.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


"Blue Microscope Onesie...perfect for all scientist babies!

100% cotton, super soft for baby's skin. Light Blue and printed in non toxic black ink.

Sizes: 0-6 months or 6-12 months (please write in size choice when you check out!)

Check out our shop for more irresistible baby wear:"

Found at HappyFamilyClothing's Etsy shop.

Monday, April 16, 2012

No. 9

"Why not romance the geek in your life with this super cute love potion paperweight!

They can use it to keep their lab papers in order, cheer up their cubicle, or simply make sure they get a lot of interested comments from their colleagues!

This lovely plushie was hand knitted out of soft man made yarn, is stuffed with hypo-allergenic polyfil and is weighted with a nice washed stone. Like all ButterflyLove creations, it was made in a smoke and pet-free environment.

It measures approximately 5 inches high. Please note that, unless you send a message to the contrary, you will receive a PINK flask if you purchase this listing.

Your flask will be made to order so please allow up to one week for creation and dispatch - it may vary slightly from the flask shown in the listing photos but it will be just as lovely!

Surface clean only to keep in tip top condition.

This a collectible piece and has not been tested by an authorized company to certify child safety. Please use your personal judgment when purchasing for anyone under the age of 12. This ornament is not suitable for children under 3 due to its plastic toy safety eyes and polyfil wisps.

Please note that you may need to tweak the polyfil smoke into shape when your flask arrives as it will be tucked into the flask neck for shipping. Brief instructions and an extra sachet of smoke will be provided.

Fancy making your own? Why not checkout the ButterflyLove geek knitting pattern collection at:"

Found at ButterflyLove1's Etsy shop.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Not Alpha

"Surly Scents™ • Scented Jewelry

This is a unique hand-formed and hand painted ceramic Surly Scents™ rose scented necklace made by Surly Amy at Surly Ramics. This necklace has one of our medium size pendants. It comes with a 5ml jar of Surly Scents rose oil.

The necklace is painted in a red glaze with black and white details.

The necklace will smell AMAZING.

DUE TO THE HANDMADE NATURE OF THIS PRODUCT the necklace you receive may vary slightly from the one in the photo. The slight differences are what make handmade art special. It will be the same color, shape, design and size listed. It will come with a 5ml jar of rose scented oil.

HOW IT WORKS: Place one drop of Surly Scents™ rose oil on the unglazed spot on the front of the ceramic pendant. (just drop a drop on the chemical structure) Let it absorb in to the ceramic then put on the necklace and enjoy! The scent will last a MINIMUM of 8 hours and the jar of rose oil will last you at least a MONTH!

The rose scent is made with pure ESSENTIAL OILS. No synthetic scents used.

PRICING: Pricing is based on the cost of producing the oil not the size of the pendant. Rose oil is one of the more expensive essential oils to produce. For a selection of other scents and designs please visit the Surly Scents™ section of my shop here:

RANDOM FACTOID: Beta-Demascenone is a chemical found in roses in a very small quantity. Even though it exists in very small amounts it is responsible for the rose scent that everyone loves. Sometimes perfumes and essential oils are tested to measure the amount of Beta-Demascenone in order to judge the value of the rose oil."

Found at surly's Etsy shop.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


"Coffee and Cigarettes. [Caffeine and Nicotine]. Original illustration inspired by our favorite vices and black and white Jim Jarmusch film bearing the same name.

Impress your chemistry and independent film buffs at the same time with a jumble of interlocking caffeine and nicotine molecules floating up high on the tie. Designed to show from under a jacket or vest.

Silver ink on black; charcoal. Standard or narrow width microfiber.

The tie is made of a soft microfiber, having almost the same hand as real silk and is printed with high-quality, non-toxic, waterbased ink. The tie is available in standard width (3.75-4") or narrow (2.75-3") width. 58" long. All new materials!

Color choices (make a note of the combination you like and I can print up any color from the following - just let me know when you purchase and it'll be made to order. No need to ask first):"

Found at Cyberoptix's Etsy shop.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


"Nerdy Pick Up Line

I wish I was your derivative so I could lie tangent to your curves

Perfect for Valentine's Day, your anniversary, birthdays, and any time you want to spread the love.

This card is printed on heavy cardstock, measures 4 x 5 " and comes with a white envelope. It is folded and the inside is blank."

Found at ArtForAHome's Etsy shop.

Monday, April 9, 2012

How do they stick together???

"This porcelain plate is hand illustrated using special on-glaze inks and makes an ideal gift or side plate for cakes & all things nice. Each plate is unique and lovingly drawn with careful attention to detail.

As my designs are all hand-drawn, each one may differ slightly to the image.

Approx: 7.5 inches in diameter
Dish Washer Proof!

Please take care not to use abrasive material on the surface to preserve the design."

Found at InkBandit's Etsy shop.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Soft & Sweet

"Got Wedded Nerd?

Then you may want to grab this little cutie.

That way while you work or shop or pump iron the whole world can know you'd rather be kissing the soft, smart lips of your Hubby.


Found at buttonempire's Etsy shop.

Friday, April 6, 2012


"Title: Smart Boys
Size: 11x14

It's time for smart boys to get their recognition!

This piece is printed on Kodak Professional Supra Endura VC Digital Paper with a matte finish and have a standard archival value of 100 years (do not come matted or framed).

Payment is due within 5 days of purchase."

Found at Megan Lee's Etsy shop.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Robot Love

"Tiny little frosty shrinky-dinks for your fingers. :o)

Each acrylic ring has been stamped with waterproof ink, then edged with permanent gold paint.

The height of each ring is approximately 1/2" (13mm).

Enter your whole ring size in the notes to seller.

Thanks for looking!"

Found at dillondesigns' Etsy shop.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Word Play

"Being a geek IS sexy. This would be the perfect Valentine's gift for your girlfriend or wife that says just that... GeeKISSexy! It pretty much speaks for itself, and proves to the world that geeks really are lovable!

I created this fabulous racer back tank top from scratch with stretchy white jersey fabric. The sillouette is flared at the bottom in an a-line and has a nice draping effect. The last picture shows what the tank looks like in the back.

The neckline, arm holes and bottom hem are surged and hemmed with a zig zag stitch.

I screen print my shirts one at a time in my studio using traditional screen printing methods! Because of this, there will be some natural variation in the design. This image is printed using red and black ink on a white tank.

This one's made to order so let me know which size you are. Please allow 3-5 days for your order to be ready for shipping."

Found at repurposefulPUNK's Etsy shop.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

öh Physics

"Schrödinger's cat is a thought experiment in Quantum Mechanics. The idea presents that a cat might be alive or dead, depending on an earlier random event, and the idea is that since you don't know if the cat is alive or dead, the cat can both be alive AND dead. Soooo the cat walks into a bar.....and doesn't :D AHAHA just give it a minute. This joke KILLS at physics parties XD

Don't forget other funny flair and silliness in the shop! :D"

Found at CustomCuriosities' Etsy shop.