Monday, March 31, 2014

Microscope Lamp

"Science is king! Amazing vintage metal King microscope repurposed into a unique night light / lamp. Made by hand in New York City by Northern Electric Lighting Company, this is the perfect gift for the science nerd in all of us.

The lamp stands approximately 12" tall with the shade. Pictured with 15 watt candelabra bulb (not included).

Any questions, please ask! Thanks for looking."

Found at NORTHERNELECTRIC's Etsy shop.


"Size : 18" wide

CUSTOM SIZES: We've made these as small as 4" across and as large as 5 foot across. Please check with us prior to purchase for pricing on custom sizes.

A few years ago, while thinking about decorating my son's room I came up with the idea to make a porthole decal that would show a pirate ship on the horizon. I made three designs and in time listed them in my shop.

Special requests began to come in. Some people wanted space themes and others wanted underwater scenes so it would appear their child's room was a chamber of a submarine.

Airships and sharks soon joined the designs and even dinosaurs.

Today my porthole decal line has grown considerably larger than those first years. They've been used in hospitals, schools, nurseries and even on the sides of cars around the world.

I'd love the chance to help you decorate your space with one of my designs. Take a look around see if anything strikes your fancy or if you need something custom created."

Found at WilsonGraphics' Etsy shop.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ode to Gems and Minerals

"We are big geology fans over here and this illustrated chart of gems and minerals is our ode to some of Earth's coolest features!

The print measures 11.5" x 15.5" and is printed on fine art matte paper with archival ink. These gorgeous colors aren't going anywhere!

** Frame is NOT included - We do frame prints through special order so get in touch if you would like yours framed as seen in the photo **

This print ships in a sturdy recycled cardboard mailer. We ship USPS Priority within the US and First Class International. If your Etsy shipping total is overcharged by more than $2, we will refund you the difference."

Found at ScoutandWhistle's Etsy shop.

DNA Decor

"Double helixy goodness! This 3D-Printed DNA model is a fabulous science gift. Great for the home or office of any biology, biochemistry or genetics fan.

DNA model stands approximately 14.5cm (5.75 inches) tall. Interested in a custom size? Message us and we'll see what we can do!

Many color options are available! Choose from the dropdown :)

This wonderfully nerdy model was designed by chylld and is also open source, which means you can download it to build yourself here: !"

Found at CarryTheWhat's Etsy shop.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


"***ATTENTION: Due to high demand, the current lead time on all new orders is now 7-8 weeks prior to shipping. Please see our shop announcement for current production updates***

Now you have the power to create your own element! One of the greatest features of our Periodic Table cutting board design is the ability to personalize the 118th element Ununoctium. You may use this power to create an element named specifically for a person you know, or to commemorate a special occasion such as a graduation or wedding anniversary. Our Periodic Table of the Elements cutting board makes the perfect gift for science students and teachers, or anyone who just likes a little chemistry in the kitchen.

//////////////////////// HOW TO PERSONALIZE ////////////////////////

An example of a personalized 118th element cell (please include all 3 lines):

St ......................(Atomic Symbol – 3 Characters Max)
Stevonium ....(Element Name – 10 Characters Max)
01.12.81...........(Mass Number – 8 Characters Max)

Please leave this information in the "note to ElysiumWoodworks" section of your order when completing the check-out process. For a graphic illustration of a personalized cell, view the fourth example photo at the top of the listing.

If the pressure of such a bold undertaking is just too much and you would rather have the plain old placeholder Ununoctium, well, that’s ok too – just select the “Standard” option from the drop down menu when ordering.

//////////////////////// HOW TO ORDER ////////////////////////

♥ First, select the size of cutting board you would like to purchase, size guidelines are as follows:

8" x 12" - Cheese Board
10" x 15" - Cutting Board

♥ Next, select whether or not you would like to personalize the 118th element.

♥ Add the listing to your shopping cart

♥ At checkout, in the notes section of the order, please include the information you would like to have personalized EXACTLY as you would like it to appear. The engraving space is limited, so please view the guidelines above to make sure your personalization adheres to the restrictions of this design. If you have questions please contact us, we love to help!"

Found at ElysiumWoodworks' Etsy shop.

Orbital Fabric

"*** Please allow an additional three weeks for shipping ***

Liven up your science or chemistry fabric projects! These colorful fabrics have atomic elements with their orbital shells - a fun and education design! This listing is for seven (7) fat quarters in each of the following colors: red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

* Fabric is designed by Elishka Jepson, printed by Spoonflower.
* Fat Quarter dimensions are approximately 18" x 21".
* Printed on 100% Kona® cotton. 4.5 oz per square yard, 60 x 60 threads per inch, approximate 2% shrinkage.
* Machine wash on delicate setting, warm or cool using phosphate-free detergent.

These fabrics coordinate with my other chemistry fabrics see the Fat Quarters and Yard sections of the shop for more!

Original artwork copyright by Elishka Jepson ©2012"

Found at robyriker's Etsy shop.

Adrenaline Pendant

"Chemistry Jewelry - Adrenaline necklace - Who hasn't needed a little boost of adrenaline from time to time? Adrenaline is your "fight or flight" hormone - something that has helped keep humankind alive long enough to develop iPads and chocolate chip cookies! One molecule of adrenaline is shown on this simple but alluring 1.5 inch diameter, domed glass pendant.

Your eye-catching glass pendant starts as a crystal clear domed glass cabochon. The high-definition laser printed digital image is securely bonded to the reverse side of the glass using a multistage process, rendering a 3-dimensional effect. Pendants are sealed with a thick, durable coat of white jewelry resin.

Each pendant comes with your choice of 18 inch necklace - silver plated snake chain or black leather cord with clasp. The pendants can also be utilized as light-duty key chains or backpack accessories. Glass pieces are water resistant, but not water proof. Please remove before bathing, showering, or swimming. We can make more than just pendants! Contact us to start a custom order and we can convert your selection into a pin-back button or magnet for the same price.

Pendants are shipped ready-to-give in a stamped, all natural, cotton drawstring cloth bag along with a token of our appreciation and a business card. Don't be shy, hand it to a friend!"

Found at SolasJewelry's Etsy shop.

Trilobite Necklace

"Our magnificent trilobite is 1 1/2 inches long and 1 3/8 inches wide. He weighs a whopping 21.2 grams, that's over 2/3 troy ounce of sterling silver. And he is nothing short of magnificent!

You can wear yours proudly knowing that you have something unusual and very different.

All items come ready for gifting in an shimmery gold box or black bag sprinkled with stars.

Trilobites are remarkable, hard-shelled, segmented creatures that existed over 520 million years ago in the Earth's ancient seas.

They went extinct before dinosaurs even came into existence, and are one of the key signature creatures of the Paleozoic Era, the first era to exhibit a proliferation of the complex life-forms that established the foundation of life as it is today.

Although dinosaurs are the most well-known fossil animals, trilobites are also a favorite among those familiar with Paleontology (the study of the development of life on Earth), and are found in the rocks of all continents.

Their fascinating shape makes it an excellent study for a piece of art.

Hand carved with love and cast with the lost wax process.
Comes on a black adjustable cord. Chain shown is not included but we have an assortment available at a very reasonable price.

Trilobite is our original design and hand cast right here in our studio in the heart of the beautiful Ozarks
Made with 100% recycled sterling silver.
Made from heart."

Found at diggersgoldjewelry's Etsy shop.

Box for Thoughts

"Send a thought to someone in an unexpected way. Our little brain box measures approx 1.5 inches across and 1 inch in height. It is cast out of white bronze. You can use it for a pill box or for anything else you would like to keep in there. It would be great way to send someone a piece of your mind! We had to change our design from this original picture, it now closes with a magnet in order to make it easier to open and close.

It is packaged in our signature kraft anatomology box."

Found at Anatomology's Etsy shop.

Dopamine Cufflinks

"Dopamine functions as a neurotransmitter in the brain. It has been linked with feelings of happiness, excitement and positivity as well as the eagerness to go after goals or rewards.

Sterling silver dopamine molecule cufflinks are cast and fabricated, and painted with enamel. The oval measures 2.1cm by 1.6cm. Backings flip to allow the cufflink to be easily inserted into the cuffs."

Found at SlashpileDesigns' Etsy shop.

Chemistry for Kids

"More than 200 color pictures and clear, easy-to-follow directions show junior chemists how to prepare a laboratory at home, how to buy and make apparatus, and how to set up fascinating, informative experiments. In addition, there are facts about famous chemists, their contributions in nature and industry.

Supposedly the US government had the book removed from libraries and banned for sale on the grounds that the projects were too dangerous for its intended audience. I would have to agree that you probably don't want your kids making and igniting hydrogen in the garage, but for the aspiring chemist who can adhere to the safety precautions, this remains one of the best do-it-yourself chemistry books around.

Only 126 copies of this book exist in libraries worldwide. Sometimes you can find this rare book for sale but copies can fetch upwards of $700 or higher. Get a quality digital scanned copy today for a fraction of the cost of an original copy!


What Chemistry Is
 - Words Used by Chemists
 - The Importance of Chemistry
 - Chemists of the Past

Your Home Laboratory
 - Equipment for Chemistry
 - Setting Up Your Home Laboratory
 - Making Apparatus for Experiments
 - Scientific Measurements
 - Correct Laboratory Techniques

The Scientific Approach
 - Mr. Faraday’s Candle
 - You --- The Scientist!
 - Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures

Water and Gases
 - Water – Our Most Important Compound
 - Oxygen – The Breath of Life
 - Hydrogen – Lightest of All
 - Carbon Dioxide
 - Nitrogen and Its Compounds
 - Chlorine – Friend and Foe

Chemical Formulas
 - Chemical Shorthand
 - The Periodic Table of the Elements

Acids, Bases, and Salts
 - The Mysteries of Solutions
 - Working with Acids
 - Working with Bases
 - Salts – Chemicals of Many Uses

 - Iodine – Violet or Brown?
 - Sulfur and Its Compounds
 - Silicon – The Element You Step On
 - Boron – Future Rocket-Power Element?

 - Sodium and Potassium
 - Calcium – For Building
 - Let’s Compare Two Metals
 - Aluminum – In Abundance
 - Manganese – Metal of Many Colors
 - We Live in an Age of Iron
 - Copper – Yesterday, Today
 - Silver – One of the “Noble” Metals

More About Formulas
 - Valences and Formulas

Organic Chemistry
 - Carbon – Element of a Million Compounds
 - The Chemistry of Carbon Compounds
 - The Formulas of Carbon Compounds
 - A Lot of Hydrocarbons
 - Carbohydrates – Sweet and Bland
 - Many Kinds of Alcohols
 - Carboxylic Acids
 - Fats and Oils for Energy
 - Soap and Soap Making
 - Proteins – The Body-Building Foods
 - Colloidal Dispersions
 - Natural and Artificial Fibers
 - Plastics – A Modern Giant

Chemical Mathematics
 - Working Out Chemical Equations

The Future of Chemistry
 - What’s Ahead in Chemistry?

Where to Get Chemicals and Equipment
Common Chemicals and Their Formulas

Found at HowToBooks' Etsy shop.

Let the sun shine in

"Stained Glass Trilobite Panel Window Made to order. Allow 4-8 weeks

Trilobites are a well-known fossil group of extinct marine arthropods that form the class Trilobita. The first appearance of trilobites in the fossil record is in the Early Cambrian period (526 million years ago), and they flourished throughout Paleozoic Trilobites finally disappeared in the mass extinction at the end of the Permian about 250 million years ago. The trilobites were among the most successful of all early animals, roaming the oceans for over 270 million years.
This one is made with a highly textured rippled glass of blue with purple streaks and swims across a yellow 'glue-chip" sea.

approx. 8 x 12 1/4". Copper foiled stained glass panel, black patina, and zinc frame. Ready to hang with a sturdy chain.

Please contact me for color choice and a more exact time estimate.

Original design and creation by me,
Jane Hartman

Note: stained glass may appear quite different under different light conditions. My photos were chosen to give you an idea of some of the variations."

Found at trilobiteglassworks' Etsy shop.

Fossil around my neck

"Coordinating shades of black, hematite and fine silver coated copper wire make a subtle variegated frame for an orthoceras fossil in this sleek pendant.

The orthoceras has clear, dark delineations and the chambers are a dove gray with an interesting textured patterning. The wire colors were chosen to set off the shape of the fossil and chambers, as well as to add a little brightness without detracting from the striking fossil.

A faceted wine colored garnet peeps out from the top of the fossil, discreetly adding an occasional striking flash of red when the light catches it.

Orthoceras were ancient mollusks. They first emerged nearly 500 million years ago and went extinct nearly 200 million years ago, when dinosaurs were just getting started. They're older cousins of the beautiful spiral shelled ammonites. (To give a vague sense of time here-they're older to most of the dinosaurs than the dinosaurs are to us.)

It's fun how somethng so ancient can look so modern.

The pendant is just over 2 1/2" long by 3/4" at its widest. It comes on a black satin and sheer organza striped ribbon. Clasped it is just over 19" long.

It comes gift boxed, let me know if you'd like it gift wrapped as well."

Found at magpiesmiscellany's Etsy shop.