Thursday, March 20, 2014


"***ATTENTION: Due to high demand, the current lead time on all new orders is now 7-8 weeks prior to shipping. Please see our shop announcement for current production updates***

Now you have the power to create your own element! One of the greatest features of our Periodic Table cutting board design is the ability to personalize the 118th element Ununoctium. You may use this power to create an element named specifically for a person you know, or to commemorate a special occasion such as a graduation or wedding anniversary. Our Periodic Table of the Elements cutting board makes the perfect gift for science students and teachers, or anyone who just likes a little chemistry in the kitchen.

//////////////////////// HOW TO PERSONALIZE ////////////////////////

An example of a personalized 118th element cell (please include all 3 lines):

St ......................(Atomic Symbol – 3 Characters Max)
Stevonium ....(Element Name – 10 Characters Max)
01.12.81...........(Mass Number – 8 Characters Max)

Please leave this information in the "note to ElysiumWoodworks" section of your order when completing the check-out process. For a graphic illustration of a personalized cell, view the fourth example photo at the top of the listing.

If the pressure of such a bold undertaking is just too much and you would rather have the plain old placeholder Ununoctium, well, that’s ok too – just select the “Standard” option from the drop down menu when ordering.

//////////////////////// HOW TO ORDER ////////////////////////

♥ First, select the size of cutting board you would like to purchase, size guidelines are as follows:

8" x 12" - Cheese Board
10" x 15" - Cutting Board

♥ Next, select whether or not you would like to personalize the 118th element.

♥ Add the listing to your shopping cart

♥ At checkout, in the notes section of the order, please include the information you would like to have personalized EXACTLY as you would like it to appear. The engraving space is limited, so please view the guidelines above to make sure your personalization adheres to the restrictions of this design. If you have questions please contact us, we love to help!"

Found at ElysiumWoodworks' Etsy shop.

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