Monday, March 31, 2014


"Size : 18" wide

CUSTOM SIZES: We've made these as small as 4" across and as large as 5 foot across. Please check with us prior to purchase for pricing on custom sizes.

A few years ago, while thinking about decorating my son's room I came up with the idea to make a porthole decal that would show a pirate ship on the horizon. I made three designs and in time listed them in my shop.

Special requests began to come in. Some people wanted space themes and others wanted underwater scenes so it would appear their child's room was a chamber of a submarine.

Airships and sharks soon joined the designs and even dinosaurs.

Today my porthole decal line has grown considerably larger than those first years. They've been used in hospitals, schools, nurseries and even on the sides of cars around the world.

I'd love the chance to help you decorate your space with one of my designs. Take a look around see if anything strikes your fancy or if you need something custom created."

Found at WilsonGraphics' Etsy shop.

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