Monday, April 23, 2012

Adorable Energy

"Caffeine... It's what fuels the world's productivity levels. Why else do you think there is a Starbuck's on every corner? The Caffeine Redundancy Mandate ensures that if there is a failure of one Starbuck's to open, there will be at least 15 more to serve you within 2 square miles of where you work. But, do you know what is in that caffeine? Glorious nitrogen atoms. Sparkling oxygen atoms. Throw in some sassy hydrogen and stoic carbon... shake vigorously and you have yourself the wondrous caffeine molecule. Delicious. Enjoy.

All of our Fuzzies are hand embroidered and will vary slightly from item to item. Each one is truly unique."

Found at FeltFuzzies' Etsy shop.

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