Sunday, January 12, 2014

You don't have to put up Pluto...

"I created this solar system decal for my 7 yr old son. The look of each planet and the sun are from actual photos rather than drawings. My son is very curious so I wanted a decal that had facts about the planets which he could read and learn about to propel his interest in science further. So I have created name decals with several interesting facts about each planet ... like did you know that Mercury spins so slowly that it takes 59 earth days for it to revolve once but it only takes 88 earth days to orbit around the Sun (which means there are fewer than 2 days in a year on Mercury)?

I couldn't make the planets to scale with each other so I also created a decal that shows what the scale of the planets would look like compared to a 12.75" sun. It's interesting to see just how small the planets are relative to the sun and to the other planets.

Of course you don't have to use the name decals and scale decal if you don't want them. All of the decals including the name/fact ones are repositionable and reusable.

The decals are printed on a FABRIC wall decal material designed for use on smooth or slightly textured walls. The fabric decal material is very durable and is simply peel and stick. You will love it.

It may be hard to see the facts in the picture. If you want to know what they all say then send me a message and I'll send the facts.

Sun - 12.75" Diam
Mercury - 6.2"
Venus - 8.7"
Earth - 8.9"
Mars - 7.7"
Jupiter - 11.6"
Saturn - 25.6"
Uranus - 9.6"
Neptune - 9.2"
Pluto - 4.3"

Look at the comparison pictures of non-repositionable printed vinyl decals vs. reusable fabric decals to SEE why they are so much better. Fabric decal material costs more but still my prices are lower than most on Etsy because I focus on higher volume than a high margin. My prices are a reflection of my efficiency and purchasing power due to volume."

Found at NurseryDecalsnMore's Etsy shop.

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