Monday, January 6, 2014

DMT molecule necklace

"DMT is the spirit molecule produced in your pineal gland. It is speculated to be released when you're born, when you die, and when you dream. It is found in every single living thing. It has been used by shamans in indigenous cultures to produce visions of the spirit world. There are natural receptors already in your brain set up to receive this molecule. If you are interested in learning more, please research Dr. Rick Strassman's work.

Wire molecule is made out of gold plated copper wire. The chain is gold colored with eight garnet beads as accents. Garnets are a lovely deep red, and one of its many metaphysical values is to illuminate the night and protect the wearer from evil. Your size options are "longer" which is shown in the first picture, and "shorter" which is shown in the second picture. If no indication is made (can you do that with these new menu things?) I will send the longer verson because it would be easier to alter.

The shipping is a tad higher because I will send it out in a lovely little box. If you really don't want a lovely little box and would rather save on shipping, message me first. Just to let you know, I'm pretty keen on lovely little box making. Each one is different and you can use it for lots of stuff."

Found at HoboSapiens' Etsy shop.

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