Sunday, January 12, 2014

Nitrogen Cookies

"3D printed periodic table of elements nitrogen cookie cutter.

Looking for a specific periodic element that we don't have yet? We only charge $10.00 to add your element to our collection!

2.5 x 2.69 inches

-Use chilled (not frozen) dough.
-Use flour or nonstick spray to reduce sticking with highly detailed cutters.
-If your dough is too moist it will stick to the cutter-- add some flour to your dough.
-Still sticking? Pop your dough in the freezer for a couple minutes. If it is too warm, it will stick.

FAQ: "What kind of dough should I use?"
FOR ALL COOKIE NOOBS. Dough spreads when it bakes. Unless you use a recipe for cookies that won't spread (google it, there are some great ones) your cookies will look like blob versions of whatever cutter you use.

We do not accept returns, but if your order is incorrect please contact us immediately and we will see what we can do. And we cannot guarantee that the cutter will come in the picture that is shown, it will probably be in whatever color is loaded at the time.

Wash with soap and water. Do NOT heat the cutter, it's ABS plastic."

Found at BoeTech's Etsy shop.

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