Friday, July 15, 2011

Chance Favors the Prepared Mind

"This print pays tribute to French scientist Louis Pasteur.

♦Multi-colored design printed on 80 pound cardstock
♦Print measures slightly less than 11" x 17" (28cm x 43cm)
♦Print is shown in 16" x 20" (41cm x 51cm) float frame (frame not included)
♦Print is signed by the artist
♦Print will be shipped via USPS First Class Mail with a backing board inside of a stay flat mailer. Domestic shipping will include tracking.

This art print is part of the Senioritis Remembers Famous Seniors series. Please check out our shop to see other framed and unframed offerings from this series:

Thanks for your interest!

Who's Louis Pasteur?

A French chemist and microbiologist, Pasteur made tremendous contributions to the field of science. Part of his work revolved around understanding the causes of certain diseases and how to prevent them. Pasteur is considered one of the main founders of microbiology while everyday people probably remember him best for inventing the process of pasteurization(heating a liquid then immediately cooling it to slow microbe growth).

This multi-colored pasteurization inspired design features an image of Pasteur on the side of a milk carton in shades of black, cyan, and yellow. Pasteur points out that chance favors the prepared mind."

Found at senioritis' Etsy shop.

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