Monday, October 24, 2011

Coupon Code for YOU!!!

After posting these awesome stamps awhile ago, the creator was soo appreciative that they sent me one of my own!  I got the Cesium stamp since my initials are CS and I am now using it to end letters and other correspondence instead of my signature!  I highly recommend you figure out what chemical has your initials (or chemicals) and join in on the new trend with me!  It's like the old school wax seals on letters!  Until the end of this year, you can use the coupon code QUEINTERESANTE to get 10% your order from ZentasticThings' Shop.

"This is a hand carved stamp of a element from the periodic table. Each on is double sided with another element on the alternate side.

Each one measures .5" x .75". It is hand drawn and then carved out of rubber and has been already been stamped with ink to ensure that your stamp will have the best quality impression.

I currently have six stamps already carved but will carve out any element you wish to have. Just keep in mind that every stamp is hand carved and unique. If you wish to purchase a different size, element, a single sided stamp, a special request or for additional information, simply contact me and I could easily oblige.

I currently have the alkali metals already carved out.
The following stamps are the ones I already have and are double sided:
Lithium/Sodium, Potassium/Rubidium and Cesium/Francium. When placing your order simply specify which one you would like.

Check out my shop at
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Found at ZentasticThings' Etsy shop.

Coupon code for 10% off: QUEINTERESANTE

Lasts until December 31st, 2011!!!

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