Sunday, November 6, 2011


"Two candles, two soaps. Four bottles total. Made by Helix and Hive, our other shop (which is also now on Etsy)

Offering this package of 2 candles made of beeswax from my hives and lovely soy wax. All natural. Weighs nearly 12 ounces. We made the cast from an old apothecary chemical bottle from my collection. The rich saffron yellow color will generally be like what is shown in the photo, but may vary due to the change in pollen or propolis in the wax. It is all up to the bees! I don't get in their way and am happy with whatever color beeswax they produce. Hope you will be too.

You ALSO get two soaps-- one made of glycerin (the clear one) and one made of shea butter soap. FOUR BOTTLES in TOTAL. It's like buy one get one free!"

Found at thenecessarymayspeak's Etsy shop.

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