Friday, March 30, 2012

Golden x 3

"Measuring approximately 7/16 by 11/16, this ivory pendant is inspired by the mystic proportion known as the Golden Section, symbolized by the Greek letter phi. Scientists, artists, mathematicians, and philosophers have long been fascinated by the properties of this irrational number (1.6180...), and find it reflected in many places in nature. The design shows a few divisions of the proportion, with the overlaid Fibonacci spiral that is another echo of the golden section in nature. Using ivory reclaimed from an antique piano, I free-hand my designs with a small blade, then rub paint into the scratched design, in the ancient art of scrimshaw.
This design is a great gift idea for people with varied and unusual interests, from number theory or natural history to art design.
Included is a 14-ct gold-plated split ring, which can easily be installed wherever it needs to go, or you can keep it on the provided gold fabric cord."

Found at Ironwood Hollow's Etsy shop.

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