Wednesday, March 20, 2013

German Sky

"This is a large and beautifully detailed sky star chart of the Southern Heavens. The magnitude of the stars is indicated by the size of the black discs. Each zodiacal constellation is shown with a beautiful illustration in this celestial map.

Copper engraving published by the Geographical Institute Justus Perthes in Gotta, Germany, 1914.

Size: 18.8 " x 15.5" (48 cm. by 40 cm.)

In excellent condition. Colors are bright and paper is high quality. The back is mostly blank, but there is a small area with a description of the plate. The printing doesn't show through.

Sent to you in a flat envelope, folded in two (as issued) protected with a cello sleeve and cardboard.

This is a 99 years old ORIGINAL , not a reproduction.

Sent to you by express mail."

Found at CarambasVintage's Etsy shop.

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