Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wear Are Your XX Chromosomes?

Actual chromosomes, blown up to create an eye catching kind of scarf/shirt! Wear your DNA proudly. A wonderfully fun & original design- especially for doctors, geneticists, & biology teachers!

Whether you're proud of the fact that you've studied human biology or of the fact that you're a chic geek that understands why this is awesome you can wear your chromosomes proudly with these fancy shmancy shirts, tank tops, or scarves. We just wish they had XY gear for the guys! Items fount at Xenotees on Etsy.


  1. Thanks for the comment.

    I really love this scarf - it's not just geeky but a little feminist too. :-p
    Sadly they no longer have grey...

  2. The scarf is awesome! Very soft and versatile! I'm close to caving in and getting a shirt too...