Thursday, December 16, 2010

You can't get a hotel because there aren't enough houses for you to trade them in! HA!

 Like the title?  Monopoly is one of the greatest games ever and I love not trading in my houses for hotels to limit the amount of houses so other people can't upgrade to hotels because you have to physically own the four houses you want to trade in for a hotel!  Yes, you would hate playing Monopoly with me.  Perhaps you should purchase some Monopoly house earrings from Eccentric Accessories on to have as back up in our game in case I monopolize the housing market.  I also pictured the K'nex, Lego, and Pacman earrings....great, classic nerd toys!  And for the K'nex and Lego items, there's a wide variety of colors found in the shop (I was boring and only used the yellow...).  There are also other items besides earrings so don't be sad if you don't have your ears pierced!

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