Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Clean = Chemistry

"For fellow science geeks, this cool Mad Scientist Soaps Gift Set will make going back to school a little easier and fun!

After quite some time of experimenting myself, this cool soap set is finally done! The beakers and test tubes are all soaps! The beaker is shown in blue, orange, green, and red but I can make them any color of the rainbow. You can even see the foam or bubbles on top of the colored specimen :)!

Each set comes with 1 beaker soap and 1 test tube. If no color is specified, I will pick one for you.

The red beaker is scented with Sun Ripened Raspberries, green and blue beakers are scented with mint, and orange is scented with the Orange fragrance.

They can also be unscented or have something different."

Found at Two Eggplants' Etsy shop.


  1. Ok! These ae amazing! I don't even do science in any way and I want them.

  2. We've converted OrigamiGirl to loving science! Yes!