Sunday, April 17, 2011


"For the molecular biologist in you...

These lacy beaded earrings use a variety of glass seed beads woven together to resemble a double helix of DNA. Bugle bead rungs separate the color-coded base pairs of molecules.

The coloring of the base pairs comes from the enzyme PpiI which is found in the microorganism Pseudomonas putida. Pseudomonas putida is a safe strain of soil bacterium, and is the first patented organism in the world. Because it is a living organism the patent was disputed and brought before the United States Supreme Court in the historic court case Diamond v. Chakrabarty which the inventor, Ananda M. Chakrabarty, won. It demonstrates the ability to biodegrade organic solvents such as oil. The specific base pair sequence shown in each earrings is

Found at GwenBeads' Etsy shop.

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