Sunday, May 8, 2011

I admit it....I have 6 fillings!

"These alphabet teeth were plucked from an 1866 version of The Household Physician. The book offers medical tips and terminology for families and farmers - travelers and seamen.

"The four front teeth in each jaw, A & B, are the cutting teeth (incisors); the next one, C, is an eye tooth (cuspid); the next two, D & E, are small grinders (bicuspids); the last three teeth, F, G & H, are grinders (molars). One appears late on each side, from the age of twenty to twenty-four, and is called wisdom tooth."

This is a 5"h x 7"w reproduction print adapted from the original engraving.
(Frame not included)"

Found at librislunaria's Etsy shop.

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