Monday, May 9, 2011

Standard Deviation

"“Normally this wouldn’t be a problem.” Tim “Magic” Markers, School Spirit captain, announced on the bus. The bus contained the Tri-County High Spirit Team. And that bus was on its way to the local Spirit Team “Spirit-Off”.

Tim just found out that the team’s compulsory “flair element” was left in the prep room back at school, and since Tim had not gotten much sleep last night he totally spaced bringing the back-ups like he always does.

“Don’t panic!” Tim shouts, panicking. Tim knew they couldn’t beat Darkmoore High if points deducted from not having their flair. Heck, flair was what Tim was known for. And losing to Darkmoore High School for the Evil and Misguided would just be awful.

“Does anyone here have any small, cute, school colored items?” The impending doom in his voice is what the low point of teen girls movies are made of.

“I have these.” A voice from the back of the bus says.

*Camera pan to Olivia*

Olivia, the nerdy girl on the team who always is one step behind and who only made the trip to the competition because popular girl, Jace, broke her leg in the final practice. Olivia stands up and holds Mini Normal Plushies in school colors. “I always have these with for good luck on tests.”

“How many do you have?” Tim asks with unnecessary pause and drama added.

Olivia counts quickly, “I have 12.”

Tim shouts “That is enough! You saved the Spirit Team!”

The bus erupts in cheers of joy, and the audience knows that Olivia has “made it” and will be accepted as a part of the team.

And how did the team do? Well some movie critics would call the ending “the most stereotypical, cheesy, and anticlimactic in teen girl movie history.”

Chalk one up for the good guys, all thanks to lazy screen writers and the Mini Normal Distribution in colors of your choice."

Found at NausicaaDistribution's Etsy shop.

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