Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jurassic Lark

" If movies are anything to go on, it would seem there are several ways to build your own dinosaur. We could generate one with the help of some amber, a mosquito, and extracted DNA--but those of us without a high-tech laboratory on a top secret island generally miss out on the fun. Until now, that is.

The Remote Control T-Rex is a customizable, 3D puzzle that not only has a working remote control, but a motion sensor to bring your prehistoric dreams to life. Paint it your favorite color and watch it roar, snap and chase after little prey to your heart's delight. Like a remote-control car, but so much cooler (and with zero percent chance of a hostile, dino takeover.) Assembled in Ohio of sustainable basswood from Russia and parts from China. Assembly required, but no glue needed! Requires three AA (T-Rex) and two AAA (remote) batteries, included."

Found at UncommonGoods.

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