Monday, May 28, 2012

Spelling Science

"In 9th grade biology, I got extra credit on an exam for correctly spelling deoxyribonucleic acid. Never miss out on extra credit again with this 5-color letterpress poster, featuring DNA from the molecular structure of its basepairs, to a double-helix circular plasmid, all the way to its condensed state during mitosis in the form of sister chromatids. And don't forget about the string of As, Ts, Cs, and Gs at the bottom--translate it into protein for a secret message!

This is the first print of our planned "Central Dogma" triptych--stay tuned for RNA and protein in 2012!

Perfect for biologists, teachers, or anyone who likes a little science in their lives.

9" x12" print on thick #130 paper. Ships flat, protected in plastic. **Print only** If you are interested in a matted or framed print, please convo me for a price + shipping quote! Tiny clay brontosauruses from variousandassorted's etsy shop.

I'll happily gift wrap your poster for $1.50--convo me for a custom listing or more information.

Each poster was lovingly printed in five colors on an antique Vandercook letterpress machine. Unlike today's standard forms of printing, letterpress provides a rich textural experience due to the physical impression of an inked surface into the paper--printed areas have a smooth sheen that plays nicely against the backdrop of subtly textured paper.

Letterpress was the everyday form of printing text from its invention by Johannes Gutenberg in the mid-15th century until the 19th century (think movable lead type). Today, advances in photopolymer chemistry allows printers to easily convert digit images to physical plates used on these antique machines. Yay science!"

Found at molarchae's Etsy shop.

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