Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Watson & Crick

"Tiny bubbles accent the capsule for a realistic look, helix is backlit with a soft blue glow that lasts for hours.! Each item may vary slightly due to the materials needed to make them. Capsule from end to end is approx. 2". This can also be made into a keychain, just note at checkout!

***BUYER BEWARE! Other Etsy sellers use gutted fuse tubing or reused materials which may still contain components of the original (mercury). You can tell by stamping on the end caps. My capsules are the best out there and I make them individually, with care, to make these especially high in quality. My feedback is consistent for customers who have purchased any variation of the jewelry. All double helix capsules are made of all original material, handblown glass tubing and solid metal caps/findings.***

Please look at the other geekery and miniatures at the Geek OUTlet! Thanks for looking!

Note: contents will not spill or leak."

Found at GeekOUTlet's Etsy shop.

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