Friday, June 8, 2012

Round & Round

"Planets mobile by Julie Frith is perfect for a newborn babies nursery, kids playroom, and fun for all ages. At night the planets glow in the dark and is fun to watch it move.

Hi, I am trying some new ideas, hope you like them. I designed a mobile using plastic planets that glow in the dark. I wanted a new kind of planet mobile, not like any that is out there today. So I designed one I would like above my bed at night. This planet mobile is perfect for a newborn, perfect for the art collector, perfect for a kids room, perfect for a fun adult like me, perfect for a school science classroom or library. Using the order of the planets I made the stainless steel arms interconnect so that when one moves, the next moves and so on... always moving the planets together in a sweeping beautiful line. Really neat to see glowing at night.
Hang under a center room light, this light will charge the glow (like the sun) and when the lights go out... they glow for hours. Great to go to sleep by, watching them move slowly and gently. It will keep your child (and you) calm and relaxed. Please hang all mobiles out of child's reach.

Size: 37"wide x 16"high

And yes, the plastic planets are lead free... I tested them!

And the planets GLOW in the DARK! A soft subtle glow all night long, that moves gently if you walk by or blow at it. Constantly changing.

View video on YouTube:

Comes all assembled ready to hang, with hanging instructions, hooks and line."

Found at frithmobiles' Etsy shop.

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