Friday, October 12, 2012

DIY Fig. 1

" Introducing my new series of DIY Nerdy Cross Stitch Kits - Venn Diagram of Love (design 008). When two hearts become one, they make pretty colours! See Fig. 1 - Love - an example of how two awesome people can combine their radness to create a special little place in each other's hearts.

Whether you're looking for a new project for yourself or that awesome person you know, the Venn Diagram of Love design is a HUGE crowd-pleaser! :D Super popular amongst chart geeks, colour lovers & math nerds alike.

I came up with this design while thinking of nerdy ways to show my boyfriend that we make a great team for our anniversary...

And now to pass on some of that fun to you!

The kit comes complete with everything a geeky beginner stitcher needs to get into embroidery!
Lots of awesomeness is kept within this wee lil' bag!

To get you started in your newfound cross-stitching shenanigans, this kit includes:

- One 3.5" X 5" Wooden Oval Embroidery Hoop
- A piece of Ivory Cotton Aida Fabric (18 gauge - 18 stitches = 1")
- Several lengths of DMC high-quality embroidery floss
- 1 European quality Embroidery Needle
- An original nerd JERK pattern created for your craft pursuits
- Full instructions on how to get started with your new cross-stitch!
And even online references that helped me out when I started stitchin'!

Your DIY Nerdy Cross-Stitch Kit will come packaged in a self-sealing cello bag (for easy transport of your project on the go!) with a nerd JERK header attached. All your materials have been hand-cut, hand-folded & hand-packed by yours truly in my San Francisco studio."

Found at NerdJerk's Etsy shop.

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