Sunday, December 2, 2012


"Love your inner geek with my hand crocheted vegan acrylic orange clip on bow tie! I made this bow tie to be soft + uber cute. On the back side, a nickel steel metal clip is hand sewed onto the bow with matching thread. Makes a fun conversation piece and dresses up any outfit!

{ A b o u t }

Since 2010, I've developed a DIY experimental style of crocheting resulting in quirky, chunky chic. All of my creations are original - I don't use any patterns except the ones I make up myself. Everything is handmade by me in my hometown of N.Y.C.

{ A p p r o x. M e a s u r e m e n t s & M a t e r i a l s }

+ 4 ½" X 3" or 11½ X 7½ cm
+ 100% vegan acrylic orange yarn
+ Marigold thread + nickel steel metal clip
+ Love!"

Found at dslookkin's Etsy shop.

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