Sunday, July 7, 2013

Anatomical Heart Brooch

"Handmade porcelain vintage anatomical heart brooch.

Size :
in length 6.2cm/ 2.48"
and in width 3.4cm/ 1.36"

It has been cut out of a porcelain slab. Has been fired, glazed and re- fired at 2264 degrees Fahreneit. Sepia decals is applied and piece has been refired for a third time so that the decal is fused into the surface.

The images and sayings are brownish red in color.

The stainless steel pin back has been attached with a skin-friendly glue.

Even though the high firing temperature does strengthen the porcelain, it should still be handled wit care.

Note that no two items are identical. That's the beauty of the product!

Brooch will be shipped inside a gift box that protects it from breaking and is ready for gifting.

Custom orders for any ocassion are always welcoming:) Please allow a preparation time between 6 and 10 days:)"

Found at MonaLina's Etsy shop.

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