Sunday, August 19, 2012


"Erythrocytes live and flow in our bodies from the moment we live until the day we pass on. Otherwise known as red blood cells, Erythrocytes carry hemoglobin and help carry oxygen to other cells throughout our bodies. Show your support with these lovely earrings! Red blood cells are hung on a fish hook earring that is silver plated. Each Erythrocyte measures just over 1/2" least a million times bigger than the acutal blood cells running in our bodies.

Erythrocytes: approximately 1/2" inches per cell. In total, the pendant will measure between 3-4" inches.
Chain: 18" inch silver plated chain.

Erythrocyte charms: Polymer clay with glossy glaze for extra shine and durability. Pendant will hang from industrial glued screwed eyehooks.

Chain: silver plated with lobster clasp closure."

Found at RainbowDarkness' Etsy shop.

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