Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I Still Can't Get His Noise Right...

"In Star Wars Chewy is always there to help his friends in need! :) And this Chewy - well he'll be there to help you out too! He's so small you could put 'em in your pocket if you wanted to and take him anywhere you go!! And why not? Have your Chewy come to work with you to keep a smile on your face when your day seems to have turned to the dark side... or have him hold down the fort while you are away from your desk! With your very own Chewy tagging along everything will be just that more fun! I mean, how could it not be? :)

Your Chewy will vary slightly from what you see in the pictures. However, great care will be taken to make him as close to the pictures as possible. It is the nature of handmade items to have their own character, so prepare to get an Chewy with personality!

Chewy takes hours to make from crocheting the body, ears, arms and personal bag, putting in the eyes and attaching all the parts! When your Chewbacca arrives at your door everything will be attached snug and securely for you and your friends to squeeze, squish and adore as you see fit!

***Please allow a full week for your Chewy's construction. I will email you a shipping notification once your Chewbacca has been bundled up (with love ;), your name written on the envelope and placed in the postal services care.***

Now for the stats:

Chewbacca 5 1/2 inches tall and 4 inches wide - fuzzy furry!

Care: Spot clean only to maintain Chewbacca's integrity."

Found at lostsentiments' Etsy shop.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing my chewy! :) I just sold a long haired version of him last week! :)

    I can't get his noise right either so you are in good company! :) May the force be with us all! :) ;)