Tuesday, February 19, 2013


"On Tesla's 75th birthday in 1931, Time magazine put him on its cover. If he were alive today (and with Tesla, anything is theoretically possible), he would be 156 years old and probably still amazing people with his brilliant theories, experiments and vision. Even Google recognized Tesla's birthday in 2012 with a special logo. (Not the first time he's been recognized.) Check it out:

At Camryn Forrest Designs, we'll be the first to admit we admire Tesla but don't understand everything he did or inspired. But we like to imagine the workshop with coils, the bubbling tubes and gauges measuring important things that required ... well, measurement. So, in our continuing tribute to Nikola Tesla (or Nicky T. as we like to call him), this one-of-a-kind liquid filled snow globe captures a very liberal interpretation. Inside the "snowglobe" there is a smaller liquid-filled tube with an amber liquid. When shaken, the entire scene shimmers with iridescent gold dust.

On the base of the globe, a gold leather band is covered with a row of gears and pieces of scientific-looking hardware, and a few items of significance. For instance, you'll find the metal number "3," a numeral with significance for this inventor and scientist. The front of the waterglobe has an engraved brass plate with the words "It's a Tesla Thing." Because when I ask the physicist (the only one I know) about some incredible invention we use today that would have been impossible without one or more of Tesla's 300 or so patents, he sometimes explains it in the layman's terms so I can understand. Hence, "It's a Tesla Thing."

One of a kind metal and mixed-media sculpture in a glass globe, signed by the artist.

Dimensions: The liquid-filled glass globe is 4 inches in diameter, the interior sculpture is approximately 2.75 inches tall, but appears larger due to magnification of liquid and glass. From base to top of glass globe is between 5 and 5.5" tall. When the globe is shaken, the scene is bathed in the shimmer of iridescent and gold dust."

Found at CamrynForrestDesigns' Etsy shop.

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