Thursday, May 30, 2013

Biology iPad

"“Let there be light” et voilà, comes the divine creation of extra light and super slim iPad mini sleeve from Good/rak/. Baptised an iBooklet, the ultra protective sleeve flaunts iconic graphics and playful text mimicking cookbook, world atlas and biology textbook. What’s more, this environmental-friendly iBooklet is made available in three lovely colors namely tangerine orange, sweet pink and mint green.

Simply slip in your iPad mini inside the soft felt-padded interior and rest assured that your baby is safely nestled between two durable covers of water-resistant kraft paper fabric. The convenient yet strong closure on the top double guarantees that your most prized personal device will always remain in good shape and that it will never fall from grace.

So, who will deny that the knowledge isn't light enough to be carried with style?

• Made of waterproof, rip-resistant and recyclable kraft paper fabric
• Strong and protective closure
• Padded with non-abrasive felt cloth
• Simple slip-cover design and lightweight
• Eco-sustainability focus and locally handcrafted

Size: 15.5 cm x 23.5 cm

Fit for: iPad mini, Galaxy Tab 7.7 and other 7-inch tablets"

Found at Goodluckgoods' Etsy shop.

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