Sunday, February 16, 2014

Clean Geodes

"What a great soap for kids and rock enthusiasts! At first, it looks like a rock, a soap rock to be exact. Kind of boring, that is until they cut through the rock (kids need adult supervision) and reveal the fabulous colorful formations inside. Just like real geodes. You will love washing with your new soap rock. The entire rock is made of soap and filled with lots of natural glycerin and Raw Shea Butter that is gentle and moisturizing. Each soap is over 5 oz in size! Wrapped and ready for gift giving. (These are made using a timely process. The colors inside your soap rock are a complete surprise and cannot be made a specific color unless you order a full batch of 10 and don't mind waiting a week for curing.)"

Found at bonbonbathhouse's Etsy shop.

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