Friday, January 21, 2011

It's never too early to learn your elements!

"H and He are brothers, but long ago He was granted title and lands, leaving behind his younger sibling. Since then, they have been on opposite sides of war, H unwilling to be civil and even-tempered. In a world where elements collide, only you can create order out of chaos. Will you strike Au? (Note: At ThinkGeek, we don't suggest striking anyone. But Gold, we wouldn't mind striking Gold.) Just be careful of Ruthenium, we hear she's pretty ruthless.
Exclusive to ThinkGeek, this set of 20 solid wood building blocks features all the elements of the periodic table. And even though they're building blocks, don't think they're just for babies! Sure, they're fun to pick up and throw around, but as your wee geek ages, they'll grok more and more why this set of blocks is totally nerdtacular. In fact, we betcha that your favorite chemistry nerd would love these, even if they're 36 years, not 36 months."

Found at ThinkGeek.

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