Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You Smell!

The only really geeky thing about this is that it comes in test tubes...but that's still really awesome!  Other than that....not bathing seems to be the more geeky thing to do.  Oh well....perhaps some geeks would bathe more often if it involved test tubes!

"Each test tube is handmade fresh when you order and individually hand poured with high end organic ingredients which will evoke the holistic aspect of the mind, body and spirit connection. Made with mineral rich Dead Sea salt, whole Juniper Berries, fragrant Grapefruit peel and pure therapeutic grade essential oils of Juniper Berry and Grapefruit, this bath salt creation is the gateway to the ultimate holistic spa experience in your own home. Juniper Berries and Grapefruit are known detoxifiers, which makes these bath salts the perfect companion to your detox regimen."

Found at TrulyAesthetic's Etsy shop.

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  1. I love your blog!! This is just too cool. I feel this is for today's holistically inclined modern geek haha! Thank you so much for featuring my Harmonize Juniper Berry Bath Affirmations! :)