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Those constellations are popular now-a-days

"These handmade greeting cards provide a unique and elegant perspective on constellations and were crafted with the environment and the avid stargazer/science geek/nature-lover in mind. Each card contains an astronomically accurate representation of one of the constellations found in the Northern and Southern hemispheres; the diameter of each star on your card is directly related to that star's brightness.

Each star grouping is hand-punched into midnight blue cardstock that is 30% recycled and Forest Stewardship Council certified. Sustainably harvested hemp yarn binds the undyed lokta paper lining to each outer card and doubles as a support for hanging your card on the wall. Each set comes with a constellation guide leaflet and is safely packaged in a clear biodegradable film sleeve.

100% Recycled Brown Kraft or 100% Recycled Natural White

>>>CONSTELLATIONS: Please Choose 5 (Duplicates are fine!)

Major Constellations:
- Canis Major: The Great Dog
- Centaurus: The Centaur
- Crux: The Southern Cross
- Cygnus: The Swan
- Gemini: The Twins
- Hercules: The Strongman
- Lyra: The Lyre
- Orion: The Hunter
- Ursa Major: The Great Bear or the Big Dipper
- Ursa Minor: The Lesser Bear or the Little Dipper
- Ursa Major and Minor

The Zodiac:
- Aquarius: The Water Bearer
- Aries: The Ram
- Cancer: The Crab
- Capricornus: The Sea Goat
- Gemini: The Twins
- Leo: The Lion
- Libra: The Scales or the Balance
- Pisces: The Fish
- Sagittarius: The Archer
- Scorpius: The Scorpion
- Taurus: The Bull
- Virgo: The Virgin

Mythological Creatures:
- Capricornus: The Sea Goat
- Cetus: The Whale or the Sea Monster
- Draco: The Dragon
- Hydra: The Sea Serpent
- Monoceros: The Unicorn
- Pegasus: The Winged Horse
- Phoenix: The Phoenix

Mythological People:
- Andromeda: The Chained Princess
- Auriga: The Charioteer
- Boötes: The Herdsman
- Cassiopeia: The Queen
- Cepheus: The King
- Hercules: The Strongman
- Ophiuchus: The Serpent Bearer
- Orion: The Hunter
- Perseus: The Hero

Celestial Birds:
- Aquila: The Eagle
- Columba: The Dove
- Corvus: The Raven
- Cygnus: The Swan
- Grus: The Crane
- Pavo: The Peacock
- Tucana: The Toucan

Celestial Land and Sea Dwellers:
- Camelopardalis: The Giraffe
- Canis Major: The Great Dog
- Delphinus: The Dolphin
- Lacerta: The Lizard
- Lepus: The Hare
- Lupus: The Wolf
- Lynx: The Lynx
- Serpens Caput: The Head of the Snake
- Serpens Cauda: The Tail of the Snake
- Ursa Major: The Great Bear or the Big Dipper
- Ursa Minor: The Lesser Bear or the Little Dipper

Celestial Objects and Pairings:
- Ara: Altar
- Carina: The Keel of the Argo Navis
- Crater: The Cup
- Crux: The Southern Cross
- Eridanus: The Celestial River
- Lyra: The Lyre
- Pegasus and Andromeda
- Puppis: The Stern of the Argo Navis
- Vela: The Sail of the Argo Navis
- Ursa Major and Minor: The Big and Little Dippers

>>The Argo Navis was the ship on which Jason and his Argonauts sailed in their adventures, among which is the slaying of the Medusa.

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I carefully cut, fold, punch, and stitch all of the components of these cards with the utmost attention to detail, so you can be sure you're getting a high quality product made with love!"

Found at Nature's Cubby Hole's Etsy shop.

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