Saturday, January 15, 2011

Neil Diamond wrote that song!

"Every wondered what wine would look like if you poured it out into a necklace and looked at it really, reeeaaally close up? Maybe something like this - delicate, shining molecular structures.

In the center is reservatrol, the antioxidant found in red wine. It's flanked on either side by ethanol and water. All the molecules are painstakingly crafted out of seed and bugle beads strung on fine-gauge copper wire, and as per the standard, carbon molecules are black, oxygen red, and hydrogen white. They hang on a simple strand of seed beads punctuated by little chunks of rich, winy garnet.

The necklace as a whole is about 20" (51 cm) long, and the central molecule hangs about 3.5" (8 cm) down. It's a fairly lightweight piece. The clasp is a lobster claw, and can be changed out to a magnetic clasp upon request."

Found at FireflySpark's Etsy shop.

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