Monday, September 12, 2011


"This hand-made crib/lap size quilt (about 39" x 49") is the result of color nerdery in full swing. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black (or Key) are process colors - kind of like primaries but used to mix all other colors in print media. The fabrics in this quilt are all hand dyed colors that were specifically mixed to be CYMK. Yay for color nerds!

My quilts are all 100% hand made by me. I dye the fabric with my own dye recipes, using a very scientific method based on weight of fabric and weight of dye to get accurate, reproducible results with minimal dye waste. I then piece the tops, machine quilt them, and hand sew the binding. This quilt is made of kona cotton. It is a one of a kind piece meant to be used and loved. Or hung on the wall and admired. Whichever.

Materials and Care:
In this quilt I used kona cotton for the top, backing, and binding. The batting is Warm & Natural needled cotton, made with no chemicals, glues, or resins.
I use fiber reactive MX dyes on cotton. The resulting colors are wash fast and relatively light fast, but should be kept out of direct sunlight.

My quilts are all machine washable and pre-shrunk. The dyes are color fast which means they won't bleed onto anything else and they won't run in the wash. Machine was cool water, tumble dry low. They can be ironed if you like a smooth quilt, but I like them fresh out of the dryer - all fluffy and warm.

Custom Orders:
Love this quilt but want it in a different size? I can't guarantee that colors will be exactly the same from quilt to quilt - that is the nature of hand-dyeing fabric. However, I can come very close and each quilt remains one of a kind. Contact me for sizing and prices.

Want to hang it on the wall? Let me know and I'll sew a sleeve on the back."

Found at kimem's Etsy shop.

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