Thursday, September 8, 2011

Legal Addiction

"Caffeine, the worlds most widely enjoyed stimulant and one of the only molecular addictions out there where it’s perfectly acceptable to enjoy it straight after you get up in the morning. Coffee, cola, energy drinks, you can even just take it in a convenient pill if you like! Show your love to the caffeine gods by wearing this bold and dainty caffeine molecule necklace or give as a gift to a coffee obsessed friend.

The Caffeine Necklace is made from strong lightweight stainless steel that has been finished in a smooth matte black powder coating with gunmetal chain and findings.

The necklace measures 4 x 4 cm at its widest points and hangs from a 44 cm chain.

(1.6 x 1.6" on 17.3" chain)"

Found at arohasilhouettes' Etsy shop.

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