Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Truth

Who doesn't love coffee and dessert after a great meal, or on a lazy afternoon?

These magnets tell you what you're really eating:

Vanillin - primary component in pure vanilla extract
Theobromine - primary alkaloid in cocoa and chocolate
Sucrose - aka regular old sugar

and of course,
Caffeine - the life-giving molecule in coffee and tea

That cute organic chemist in your life will appreciate these magnets, as will your slightly geeky friends.

Each GeekMagnet is hand-assembled from a clean and shiny glass marble, sturdy cardstock, and a strong rare earth neodymium magnet. The glue used is the good stuff, so your GeekMagnets are solidly constructed. Note that the glass marbles I use might have bubbles or other imperfections, giving these magnets a nice organic feel to go with the molecules represented.

I designed and printed the graphics myself so this unique quirky set can only be found here."

Found at papercraftlab's Etsy shop.

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