Tuesday, September 13, 2011

You Keep Your Tic-Tacs Where?

"The Lugnut Pill /Mint Case consists of a 1.5" hard-chromed lugnut, a stamped aluminum cap threaded to match, a galvanized steel D-ring, and a 1/16" thick black EPDM O-ring to provide a watertight seal and resistance-locking of the seated cap.

Shipping to the United States is free. Ships in a 3x3" poly bag, in a 3x3x1" cardboard box, in a padded mailer.

This product was featured on p.34 of the August/September 2009 issue of ReadyMade magazine (“Light Industry”).

Although it is impossible to get lug nuts manufactured to food-grade standards, both the nuts and the caps are cleaned very rigorously before the cases are assembled, per the following protocol: Lug nuts and caps are hot-sonicated for an hour in a strong solution of dishwashing detergent in kitchen tap water, followed by two more hour long “hot rinse” sonications in carbon-filtered tap water. Parts are then washed in USP 91% isopropyl alcohol and dried overnight at 100C."

Found at seanmragan's Etsy shop.

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