Saturday, November 3, 2012

Beyond Infinity

"Part of my personal collection of clothes, these were played with but still looks nice but as is due to the fact they were played with and are vintage, I think the helmet was actually GI joe...I lost the original helmet or misplaced it somewhere when I last moved and just haven't come across it in any boxes. This helmet is nice and detailed as seen in photos. Does not fit the curvy Barbie but it does fit the model Barbie and the skinny waste Barbie like the one in the photo. I am a Barbie lover of over 40 years not a professional collector, I have items I love and wasn't based on value or perfection. If you have purchased from me before you know that I love every doll for one reason or another. This one was never played with except by me. I am now disabled and cannot enjoy the dolls like I used to and so I have had several request for them and that is why I am selling so that someone else can love them and continue to care for them like I did."

Found at deannebarreto's Etsy shop.

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