Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pack Up!

"Recycle reduce reuse! Yay! So these little bad boys, or good boys as the case may be, are hand crafted out of floppy disks with adjustable webbing straps. The colours are picked and arranged according to common aesthetic value and come with matching straps. Ribbon can be added to the webbing for the price of the ribbon - please ask. You may request a specific size, colour, and webbing colour; I will let you know if I have them in stock. The disks are becoming hard to find so I might need some time to obtain enough for your bag if I do not have the requested colours. The current bags are sold as is. For new bags, I can customize the buckles (for smaller bags) and the buckles and hardware (for larger bags)."

Found at GeekkiBoutikki's Etsy shop.

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