Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Distant Future...The Year 2000

"These little robots are anxious and excited to invade, i mean, move in to their new dwelling. They measure roughly 2.5" across, 1.5-2" tall, and have about 1" width. They are made from reclaimed wood, sawed, roughly sanded, and scrap bolts and metal.
They have "dirty" features so they have an industrial look.
Note also, since these are handmade, and art pieces, limbs, features will be unevenly applied, paint, adhesive may also be unevenly applied. Robots may not look straight---they may appear crooked with their stance, by they are able to stand independently. Moreover, these are partially sanded to have a rough appearance, consistent with the modern look (so note tiny bot has uneven, rough, un-sanded surfaces, see edges in image three, so you know exactly what you're buying).

These are meant for decoration only, and the limbs are fixed. If you try to move arms they will break. These are not meant for homes with small inquisitive children or pet animals, since they have sharp edges, and are small structures. Thank you!"

Found at SUPERSOCK's Etsy shop.

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