Friday, April 18, 2014

Ancient Therapy

"Trilobite Chai scented Heat Pillows / Neck and Shoulder Pillows

Now a Trilodeon classic- meet our aroma-therapeutic Trilobite pillows! These awesome trilobite fossils offer a soothing chai spice aroma (Chai-lobites) and can be heated or cooled for healing effects on sore body parts. With that one two combo of heat and spice these bites work wonders. Say goodbye to sore shoulders and cramps with an ahhhh of multi-sensory delight- the Triumphant Trilobite! Designed by Trilodeon and silkscreened on upcycled fabrics, these creatures are eco-friendly and handmade. Viva la evolution! Note: These come in one color, it's exactly between the two shown in the image, a warm black on bone color.

* Measures about 9 inches long by 6 inches wide by 2.5 inches tall
* Ingredients- Cotton fabric outer and essential oil infused flax seeds inner
* Weighs about 1& 1/3lbs or 19-20 oz!. A perfect weight and shape to drape anywhere on your person

All Pillows are lovingly gift packaged in crepe paper with gift tag instructions. US orders are sent Priority Mail and International is sent First Class USPS.
See below for much more info and testimonials~"

Found at TRILODEON's Etsy shop.

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