Friday, April 18, 2014

Chemical Warfare Necktie

"Chemical Warfare necktie. Yes, this one is a little dark. The text image is derived from an excerpt in the 1942 book, "War Department's 'Technical Manual, Military Chemistry and Chemical Agents'". We're fortunate that Detroit junk shops are a treasure trove of once classified military ephemera - (book not included in purchase - but you do get a tie printed with with one of the best pages!)

"Identification of Chemical Agents by odor - Mustard gas, Phosgene, CN solution... Be prepared for the apocalypse or econopocalypse, whichever comes first. A perfect nostalgic gift for a war veteran, wow a military history buff, or rib that guy in your life who may produce his own toxic, gaseous emanations. heh.

Shown in photos: medium brown, cream, olive and charcoal.

The tie is made of a soft microfiber, having almost the same hand as real silk and is printed with high-quality, non-toxic, waterbased ink. All new materials! Vegan safe.

► CHOOSE: standard or narrow"

Found at Cyberoptix's Etsy shop.

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