Sunday, April 6, 2014

Blood Bottle

"Wow! Through the miracle of modern science, this tiny glass bottle has magnified these red blood cells to many times their original size. Okay, not really...

These tiny cells were made from Sculpey and Fimo polymer clay, and suspended in clear mineral oil in a 1 1/4" tall glass bottle. The unique, round-bottomed bottle has a glued in cork with a silver-plated jumpring and silver beads. This little charm necklace comes with your choice of an 18" rhodium-plated ball chain or 18" silver-plated link chain.

This artisan made piece of science jewelry was made by artist Alia Bierwag (that's me!) for Outpost 8.

The price of shipping includes USPS First Class Mail with delivery confirmation. Your new awesome bottle charm is Ready To Ship (RTS) and will be packaged carefully and shipped within 1-2 days of your order. It should arrive 3-5 days after being shipped. (International order will take 1-4 weeks.)

Sculpted pieces of handmade biology art such as this blood cells bottle make great, unique gifts! It would be perfect for any human anatomy student or teacher, nurse, or lover of the weird. It's easy to picture it around your neck, hanging from a rearview mirror in your car, hidden in a nicely-wrapped package, or wherever you please. I'm sure you'd have the perfect spot for it!

I have been working in some form of art or craft medium for the last 15 years, and been selling on Etsy for 5. I strive to make high-quality, awesome items that are guaranteed to make your friends jealous. People have used my polymer clay jewelry and accessories in many ways, including: gifts, birthdays, holidays, home decor, display, Xbox 360 gaming, Playstation gaming, Nintendo gaming, fan art collections, shadow boxes, decoration, self-expression, for DnD (Dungeons and Dragons), making board games, geeky cosplay, costume, adornment, while playing video games, attending cons, hanging from car rear view mirrors, and many more!"

Found at Outpost8's Etsy shop.

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