Friday, April 18, 2014

Chemical Cooking

"Please see the welcome message at the top of my shop for an updated turnaround time. My standard turnaround time is between 3-4 weeks. If you need something sooner, I can do that by rushing the fabric, but it requires a $20 or $30 fee depending on when you need it.

All of my skirts are made in a FULL skirt style with an exposed elastic waistband. I have listings with skirts that look a little different. That's because they are skirts made for small waists that don't have a petticoat underneath (the smaller the waist, the less fullness and vice versa). The skirts will all be made full, but they are only poofy/round with a petticoat underneath it. They look great with or without a petticoat (I personally don't wear one under my skirts, but I also wear my skirts every day). Petticoats can be found online or in any costume shop.

Skirts can also be worn wherever you'd like on your waist. I have customers wear them high, mid, and low. I wear mine at my belly button, but it is just personal preference. Please take that into consideration when deciding on sizing. The point of an elastic, full skirt is that it offers the wearer so many options in terms of wear."

Found at NerdAlertCreations' Etsy shop.

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